Project Description


Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective estate planning advice combining legal knowledge with practical considerations.  Proper estate planning should not only address the distribution of your estate, but also include a detailed assessment of tax consequences, court involvement, liquidity, authorizations, and potential disability issues.

Unless otherwise warranted, our general philosophy is to structure your estate planning in a manner which leaves you with maximum control of your assets during your lifetime while ensuring that your wishes at the time of death or disability will be honored.  In doing so, we are attentive to financial considerations and seek to provide you with an estate plan with the least amount of tax consequences, court involvement, and cost to you and your beneficiaries.  To that extent, we provide estate planning services relating to:

  • Will
  • Living Trusts
  • Land Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Appointment of Guardian
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Statutory Power of Attorney
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Trust
  • Special Needs Trust

While we strongly encourage you to discuss your estate planning with an attorney, many simple and sometimes free steps, such as life insurance directives, beneficiary account, joint tenancy, can be used to take care of your loved ones. Call for a free consultation to discuss your options. For more information, please call up to schedule a free consultation.

Mr. Lysinski’s knowledge in all relevant legal fields makes him extremely valuable. Rarely is one attorney so well informed in so many aspects of law.

Steve, A Foreclosure Client

Adam has a deep network of contacts and can navigate through the ever-changing intricacies of real estate law.

Candace, A Foreclosure Client

Adam always took the time to explain all possibilities and the associated risk. Truly an honest and capable attorney.

Ashor, A Bankruptcy Client